Gastronomic trade is going digital

When you think about digital commerce you may first think about clothes or accessories but there are other sectors avenging online. It's natural that you already know the name or the slogan of any store that sells food online. This reality is not totally new but it is gaining fame around the globe and also in Brazil, as online commerce has allowed the gastronomy to become more international and brings to your home many products that were previously very difficult to find.An entrepreneur will usually go in search of a less saturated sector of the market and, due to the existence of so many online stores selling clothing, technology or decoration, gastronomy ended up appearing as an alternative. Using the best platforms available and where you can find services as varied as dropshipping or free ways to access a bar code generator or a name generator for companies, food and commerce lovers ended up combining these passions, creating a new trend in Brazil.

Besides the new entrepreneurs, the large Brazilian stores are also finding many advantages in digitizing. Learn more about the gastronomic trade online.

The betting on online food salesHoje

, the purchase of food products online is motivated by the pandemic but before that, the trend was already for online food purchases to increase.In Brazil, the 18 major supermarket chains have already joined this trend, betting on ecommerce. Among these, brands such as Pão de Açúcar or Extra serve as examples. Although the entry of these major brands is happening, some niches such as foreign and gourmet food open possibilities for new entrepreneurs and this is not going unnoticed, with more and more stores - larger or smaller - exploring this market.

Little by little, therefore, we are seeing the growth of online food sales, by the hand of large retailers and new digital entrepreneurs.

A market with room to evolveFor

those who are thinking of starting their journey with online commerce, one good news about food and gastronomic products is that, although quite common in big cities, they are still not widely explored in some regions of Brazil.This lack of digital services for the sale of food in some of the Brazilian regions is precisely what opens a space of opportunity for new entrepreneurs, who can take advantage of platforms that support digital entrepreneurship and discover how to make money with an online food store that meets the needs of areas where this type of service is less usual.Although the number of online stores is increasing and hindering the success of their entrepreneurs, the existence of niches like this, especially in some cities of the Brazilian countryside, has been allowing the opening of successful online commercial spaces, dealing with gastronomy and food.

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