How to keep our business "in shape

Enhancing the performance of companies requires an effort to keep that objective intact since the passage of time can lead to business stagnation due to a lack of development and it is possible that they suffer from a form of "obesity" that slows them down and prevents adequate progress. On the one hand there are the primary activities of the company, the services offered that generate profits and offer value to customers. On the other hand, but not less important, are the activities that support the development of that business as such. In this last section are the actions of accounting, marketing, administration, logistics or finance among others.

The key to keeping the company "in shape" is to ensure that these secondary tasks change, advance and develop as the primary activities do, to ensure that the business needs are met efficiently without making the support techniques obsolete. Although this is a very simple summary, it is an unmistakably successful formula that makes it easier to organize the company, facilitating the detection of a problem at any time when any of the business activities deviate from the established focus.If an organizational system works at the beginning, it is common that, as the company develops and evolves, the method used will be configured almost automatically, almost external to the decisions of the entrepreneur. It is difficult for this self-organized system to provide a satisfactory response to the needs of the business and, therefore, it is essential to seek the help of consulting and training companies, which can provide useful training courses for the retraining of employees, aid and subsidies or the processing of various types of bureaucratic issues.

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