Most Brazilians shop on their cell phones

The evolution of digital media has been changing the functioning of the Brazilian social network and, today, the cell phone is one of the favorite devices to shop online. The evolution of technologies has been very fast and today the devices we use serve several purposes. Far from the initial purpose, cell phones have become real micro computers, with a fantastic potential and are often used for activities as diverse as voice chat, video, chat, online games, research and digital shopping. Many people have taken advantage of this incredible potential of the devices and enjoy spaces like https://pt. to launch their projects and become real digital entrepreneurs in the Internet world.With more and more people creating online stores, it is not strange that the Brazilian's own consumption habits change, and there is a greater demand for online products.In fact, several studies conducted on this topic indicate that the number of digital consumers has been increasing and that most Brazilians not only shop on the Internet but also choose to do so from their cell phones. Learn more about this issue.

The Brazilian and online purchases on cell phonesThe

cell phones are the device that Brazilians like the most. In fact, recent researches related to the administration and use of technologies concluded that there are more than 230 million active smartphones in the country, which, by itself, reveals an increase in the order of 10 million compared to the previous year.In a survey carried out with 5 hundred shopkeepers and more than 2 thousand consumers, an attempt was made to understand the relationship between the digital world and consumption, what incentives users felt at the time of buying online and the reasons why they used the cell phone. According to this comprehensive survey, over the last 6 months, the vast majority of Brazilians - about 80% - made purchases through their cell phones, preferring the smartphones as a way to realize their online consumption.In the year 2019, according to the study by PwC - Global Consumer Insights - the number of Brazilians who say they make this type of online purchase through their cell phone will have risen 35ace to the previous year (from the old 15% to 50%).

So, besides there being a large percentage of Brazilians using smartphones for their online purchases, consumption is also becoming more intense and regular.

An international trend with the increase in e-commerceThe

changes felt in international consumption motivated several changes in the online world itself.Besides the growth in the number of e-commerce spaces, the emergence of new forms of support for the digital entrepreneur has created opportunities that lead to the emergence of increasingly diverse and interesting structures for consumers.Data from 2021 of SEBRAE, even so, indicate that the potential for subsistence of Brazilian online stores is quite low, due to strong competition, making it important to explore different commercial alternatives, such as dropshipping.

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